Planning to Buy Home? It's Easy to Get Home Loan for Women

Geetika is a single working woman in Mumbai, working as an IT Engineer is one of the leading MNC Company, earning a 6 figure monthly salary. Although she has been able to fulfil most of her other dream such as buying a car, and more, he has her eyes set on buying a home.
Yes, she has been planning to purchase her dream home with the help of a Home Loan for womens. She has already planned for her Home Loan and maintained a good Credit Score, clean repayment history, kept aside some money for down payment and other charges.
Hence, she went ahead and applied for a Housing Loan with one of the leading banks and bingo; her House Loan was approved!
This would not have been the case if she had applied for a Home Loan for ladies 10 years before. Why? Women Home Loan borrowers applying for a Home Loan has a huge rejection percentage compared to male candidates.
However, things have changed, and banks and non-banking finance companies (NBFCs) are implementing measures to make things better for women borrowers.
Yes, financial institutions are open and willing to lend women with a healthy CIBIL Score, good repayment record, consistent income, and salary. Nowadays, lenders have some special benefits for women borrowers which loan seekers such as Geetika can easily avail.
Let’s have a look at some of the exclusive benefits that Home Loan for ladies can offer to women.

  • Interest Rates

It’s no more just a general perception that women pay their dues without defaulting as compared to men and even various studies have shown it. As a result, women are acknowledged for this and are offered Home Loan interest rates at a concession of 0.05%-0.1%. Even though it’s a small percentage, it may still work because when it comes to availing Home Loans that run into lakhs and crores, it may mean savings thousands to lakhs.

  • Stamp Duty

You should note that many states in India offer a lower stamp duty for home registrations completed in the name of a woman. As a result, the stamp duty charges for borrowers such as Geetika may be 1-2% lower than men, means savings.

  • Tax Deduction

Women Home Loan borrowers can also pocket tax benefits from Home Loans. Women can lessen taxable income by a total of Rs.2.5 lakh via their Home Loan repayments. Of this, the maximum limit on the paid interest amount on the loans is Rs.1.5 lakh. The remainder Rs.1 lakh is the figure paid towards the principal figure if she lives in the house.

  • Special Offers

Financial lenders such as banks and non-banking finance companies (NBFCs) from time to time, launch numerous offers along with the House Loans. They offer gold vouchers, gym membership, beauty and spa sessions and many more free vouchers to make the House Loan deal sweeter. Schemes like these surely help a woman to save on the things that they may have invested on and provides them financial independence, overall.
The Bottom Line
You just went through some of the major benefits that a Home Loan for ladies can offer. The discussed benefits were generic and may differ as per the terms and conditions of the lenders.
Of course, a woman will be eligible for such benefits only if she has a healthy Credit Score, stable income, and great repayment track record amongst other eligibility conditions.
If you are willing to apply for a Home Loan, you can use a Home Loan eligibility and EMI calculator to know your eligibility and EMI before applying. Knowing these before will surely help you prepare better for the Home Loan!