7 Causes Of Health On How To Improve Intimate Life

However, it is natural that your health will decrease if you do nothing due to physical condition, work stress, aging, etc. What to do from a deteriorated state is important for maintaining a good intimate life.

Seven Causes Of Health

It is essential to know how to improve when it happens, but what is the cause of it? To find the best remedy for you, you first need to know why you are healthy.

Drinking too much alcohol

There are many men who drink alcohol to get along with women. Alcohol has the effect of suppressing the function of the central nervous system so that you can relax and relax to have a conversation with women.

In other words, if you drink too much alcohol, even if you feel physical desire or unevenness, blood will not be sent to the, so it will remain fluffy when needed.

A building is a physiological phenomenon that affects not only physical causes but also mental causes. Alcohol also has the effect of removing anxiety and tension, so it cannot be the cause of fluffy stuff. You can prevent fluffy stuff by not drinking alcohol.


Tobacco of the intervals of work for those who smoke daily, this temporary is not essential! Many people say that. However, tobacco is harmful to the human body and has no advantage. Not only is it harmful to your health.

Nicotine is a natural enemy of the blood-swelling because it has the effect of constricting blood vessels. In addition, tar is so sticky that it adheres to blood vessels and interferes with the healthy blood flow needed for a strong.

Even better now, because it is considered sufficient also likely to be in the future by continuing Sucking, people who want to keep even intimate function in elderly as much as possible non-smoking early is recommended that you.

Unhealthy eating habits

When you’re busy, you tend to eat fast food such as ramen and hamburgers more often. Such an unbalanced diet is also a cause of fluffiness. It is said that a condition called new malnutrition is now widespread among young people.

In this way, many elements that become fluffy are hidden in the eating habits of modern people.

 Chronic sleep deprivation

Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) in announced to the different sleep time countries have statistical survey every year, they are also famous for their sleepless race, but lack of sleep can also cause fluffiness.

One is that lack of sleep leads to a decrease in the number of male hormones. Of the male hormone that cannot be essential for testosterone is secreted when you are mainly sleeping will be. Therefore, as sleep time decreases, so does the amount of testosterone in the body.

The second reason is that fatigue accumulates as sleep deprivation continues. Everyone knows that sleep time is the time to get rid of the tiredness that accumulates in the body, but if sleep deprivation continues, subtle tiredness that you do not notice accumulates every day and Cenforce 150 and Vilitra 40 improve energy for men.

Tension, anxiety, depressive symptoms

The reason why it remains fluffy is often due to poor mental conditions such as tension and anxiety. Mental aspects also have a significant effect on erectile function, especially for young people who are still healthy.

The signal from your brain will not reach the well because you are abnormally nervous due to lack of experience, or you have a strong sense of anxiety due to past failure experiences or trauma.


Obesity can also cause fluffiness. This is because obesity can cause diseases that cause fungi, such as arteriosclerosis and high blood pressure.

Arteriosclerosis, a disease that hardens blood vessels, is caused by the sticking of bad cholesterol to the inner walls of blood vessels. Overweight people manage to have higher levels of cholesterol in their blood, which makes it easier for blood vessels to form a layer of cholesterol and also causes arteriosclerosis.

Obese people not only suffer from fluffiness but also tend to be seen as small in size. Considering that the popularity of women tends to be thin and muscular men, it is essential to maintain a masculine figure.


It may be only because of the age that middle-aged and older men suffer from fluffiness. People in their 50s suffer from moderate.

Many people will feel that they are stuck like when they were young. Of course, physical function is no exception. Not only the health of blood vessels but also blood quality and muscle mass decline with age. It is said that the decrease in testosterone can be improved by ed treatments such as fildena 150 and Vilitra 20.

Ways To Intimate Life

However, if you can show your intention to improve, you can have it reviewed. In order not to meet that feeling twice and taste three ways to improve the intimate life.

Review your lifestyle

The first is to review your lifestyle. Most of the causes of disordered lifestyles. I would like you to cover all the contents that I told you about in the item of the reason, but suddenly everything will be quite difficult.

The first point I would like you to improve your eating habits is to improve your eating habits.

Build confidence with muscle training and success

Muscle training is also ideal for improving health. Most of the people with disturbed lifestyles lack exercise. The reason why my lifestyle is disturbed is that I am busy, so I think I haven’t been able to take a lot of time to exercise.

Aerobic exercise, such as running & walking, is also a beneficial improvement method.


There are only two necessary cures: increasing testosterone secretion and improving blood circulation. However, these two methods improve the constitution. It is recommended to use a healthy life.