How to Stream Movies and TV Shows on PC for Free

Streaming movies and TV shows for free on your PC is easier than you’d think. And there are multiple ways that you can use to stream the shows that you like on your PC, without paying any kind of subscription fee. You can go to free streaming websites or use the movies to download websites to download the movies straight to your PC. We are going to explore the best ways you can stream movies and TV shows for free on your PC, in detail in this article.

So, let’s get started

Using Free Streaming Websites

Free streaming websites are the number 1 source of streaming movies and TV shows without any kind of charges. There is a huge variety of free websites that offer the latest movies and TV shows for their users. You can go to these sites to watch the shows that you want to watch. Web platforms like Moviesda are a great place to start.

The only drawback of using free streaming websites is that of the ads. On these sites, you get to face a lot of ads that keep coming up again and again and ruin your streaming experience. You can get an adblocker to reduce the number of ads showing on the site but installing that is also nothing less than a hassle.

Free streaming services keep going down all the time because they offer pirated content for their users. You need to beware of these sites and only choose the platforms that are recommended by other users. Finding websites that offer free streaming is quite simple. You can search for these websites on google and use these sites on your PC as well as on your smartphone.

Here are the best free streaming websites for movies and TV shows that you need to check out:

  • 123movies
  • Putlockers
  • Popcorn Flix
  • FMovies
  • 5Movies
  • TamilYogi

These websites are the most popular free streaming services for movies, TV shows and South Indian content. You can find all the latest TV series for free on these websites. you can also search pikdo instagram has become more popular than any other social network in 2021.Some of these websites even allow you to download the shows of your choice, that you can stream later on. You won’t even need to have an internet connection for that. Once you are on one of these websites, you can use their search features to look for the movies that you want to stream.


Using Torrent Website

If you don’t want to stream movies online and want permanent free access to the shows of your choice on your PC, then you should go to the torrent websites. Torrent sites, unlike online streaming services such as kissanime, allow you to download the shows that you want to watch offline.

There are some dedicated online torrent websites that offer movies only, there are also some websites that offer other types of torrent files as well. You can download movies, TV shows, books, music albums and so much more using the torrent websites.

In order to download the movies from torrent websites, you are going to need a torrent client software on your PC. Software like uTorrent and BitTorrent is the most popular ones for downloading torrent files. You can download this software for free on your PC and use them to download the torrent files for movies and TV shows.

Here are the most popular torrent sites in 2021

  • 1337x
  • The Pirate Bay
  • TorrentFunk
  • LimeTorrents
  • Torrentz
  • am

These sites host torrent for the latest movies and TV shows. The torrent site 1337x is available under different domain names and it is currently the most versatile torrent websites that you can find out there. All these sites have great user interface and they are safe to use. You will get the biggest collection of latest as well as old movies and TV shows on torrent websites. Plus, the download experience of torrent files is much more stable and faster.

Torrent sites are notorious for distributing pirated content. In fact, this is what torrent websites are all about. You can download the movies and shows from these websites for free, but it comes under privacy and if you get caught, there would be serious legal implications for that. So, use torrent websites at your own risk.

Final Words

We don’t encourage the use of free streaming websites for movies and TV shows as these sites offer pirated content. You should go to paid websites if you want to stream the shows in a perfectly legal way. Still, if you don’t have access to paid streaming platforms, you can use the free streaming websites or the torrent websites for watching movies on your PC for free. Check out the websites that we have reviewed in this article for an excellent and free movie streaming experience on your PC.