All about Surrogacy with Feskov a Surrogate Mother Must Know

Surrogacy is one of the easiest and trustable ways of having a baby. These babies born with surrogacy also have genetic relation with the parents because they contribute the genetic material. Taking reproductive medicines for having a baby is quite a low process with low chances of having success. if you are searching for a successful way of being a parent, you should not waste time, go and get your service done at

Still, if you want to bear a biological child with 100% guaranteed results, then a surrogate mother is the best solution. In earlier, couples adopt babies to increase their family, but now surrogacy gives you a chance to bear genetic babies. Feskov surrogacy agency always makes sure to provide satisfying results and a happy parenting life in the future.

Why choose Feskov for surrogacy?

It’s very okay to ask about what are the reasons which make Feskov perfect for surrogacy? So Feskov is one of the trustable agencies that always ensures that you will have 100% successful surrogacy. Below are the reasons you choose Feskov for your surrogate mother and later the surrogacy process.

Experienced staff:

The Feskov has been in the field of reproductive medicines since 1995, and since then, they are always successful in their IVF treatments. They have solved thousands of difficult cases and get successful in there every single issue. This is why they allow a legal guarantee of having a 100% healthy child later in the future.

Safe and secure service:

The system of Feskov is developed with the staff that always makes sure to save your information and let it be private. They have maintained a reliable protection system that protects your personal information. So you can be tension free with all your personal information.

Guarantee of having a healthy baby:

A healthy baby is the only thing you want from the surrogate mother you hired. Feskov is experienced in PGD and diagnostics. This process helps in choosing healthy embryos, making sure that no hereditary disease is transferred, not only this; you can also select the sex of the baby you will be having in the future.

Proven Base:

Feskov has its base of mothers and egg donors present in Europe, Asia, Africa, and many other states, so you can choose from where you want your process to be done. Moreover, you can also decide that from where you want your surrogate mother.

Our services and other programs:

There are different procedures that Feskov guaranteed about. The Feskov always make sure to fulfill what they said so you could easily trust them and their professional staff. Your private information, even information of the women you choose as a surrogate mother, will also be safe and secure. Our services and other programs Feskov provide are listed below:

  • Surrogate motherhood: Who will give birth to a completely healthy baby.
  • Egg donation: If you ask, Feskov also provides an egg donor who will donate a healthy egg.
  • IVF treatment: Feskov guaranteed that you would have 100% positive results after IVF treatment. Usually, IVF treatment isn’t successful after the first attempt, but with Feskov, you don’t have to worry about that.
  • Human genomics: Feskov is also specialized in the process of human genomics with positive results.
  • Legislation services: Even surrogacy is illegal in some states, but with Feskov, you will not face any legal issues or problems.


Nowadays, people are more concerned about going with surrogacy rather than taking reproductive medicines. It is because reproductive treatments are quite low in working, and there isn’t any guarantee of being successful in the future. But surrogacy is a procedure in which you will get 100% successful and positive results with the surety of being the parents of a healthy baby. Feskov is one of the trustable and reliable agencies that help you out and help you become parents easily. They have experienced staff members; they always maintain your privacy, and the most important thing they guaranteed of having a healthy baby in the future.