Tesla Car in Indian Market! Is It Suitable for The Indian Roads?

Finally, Tesla is making a sensational entry in India! After years of speculations, one of the most respected automakers, Elon Musk, is about to set a research and development centre for Tesla in Bengaluru. Additionally, Tesla Model 3 is anticipated to get launched in India in March 2021. No doubt, Tesla cars would be loved and welcomed with warmth in India but will our Indian roads render the same love?

Well, the whole of Twitter is worried about India’s bumper-to-bumper traffic! Also, can Indians afford such an expensive car (By the way, Tesla model 3 price in India is estimated to be 60 lakhs in the beginning)? You will get a quick answer to all these questions in this blog itself. All you need to do is grab a cup of coffee or tea and have a seat.

Challenges for Tesla cars on Indian roads:

  • Autonomous driving

The best feature of the Tesla car! Many viral videos have showcased that we can take a nap, get engrossed in phone calls, or watch a full movie while driving a Tesla car. All thanks to its AutoPilot feature! Still, Tesla recommends drivers keeping an eye on the road with their hands on the steering wheel. Also, they have stated that this AutoPilot feature will render you a safe ride.

However, the question here arises is will the Tesla car cope up with India’s congested roads. Well, the Indian researchers will require to test the same and provide approval accordingly.

After watching the laurels of autonomous driving features, Tesla plans to bring in the in-car gaming feature. But will our Indian drivers manage to focus on congested roads along with playing a game on the in-car infotainment screen? Simply imagining it might seem scary; right?

Tesla In-car gaming

  Credit– Tesla

  • Modified honking

Actually, India needs a musical honking! One of the critical issues of Indian roads is noise pollution, which is followed by over-crowded roads. Hence, Tesla has come up with variations in honking sounds. From Christmas carols to fart sounds to Bollywood songs, you can enjoy any sound while honking.

Because of ludicrous mode, Tesla can run at a speed from zero to 100kmph. The crux is, Indian roads don’t have a habit of seeing high-performance or supercars running on them. Having said that, with Tesla comes the responsibility of driving it sensibly. No doubt, this depends upon person to person and road to road. However, the challenge would still linger on Indian roads.

  • Less availability of charging ports

Let’s state the straight-talking facts first. As of now, we have 500 charging ports for electric vehicles in India, whereas we need at least 2600. In the same context, India’s minister of Power believes that by arranging several charging ports, people will get encouragement to purchase more EVs. Therefore, he has shared a proposal with all oil marketing companies, but it’s not yet implemented. This can spike up the Tesla car’s price in India.

Can Indians afford the Tesla electric car’s price?

Cars have always been considered as the second expensive investment after a house by Indians. Even if the Tesla car survives with Indian roads, the common question lingers in everyone’s mind: Is it affordable?

With Tesla Model 3 estimated to cost around 60 lakh rupees, followed by Model S to go up to 1 crore, the purchase could be tough. That’s one of the reasons, the market for electric vehicles is taking a slow pace. Observing the current pandemic, its purchase may slow down more, but it’s India – things can go upside down. 

Finally, what’s the say of Indian citizens?

After making an unbreakable record over the globe, Tesla is all set to make a triumphal entry in India despite seeing Indian roads situation. Further, according to the latest poll, approximately 56% of Indians believe that Tesla car is suitable for Indian roads. With the debut of the Tesla showroom in India, it’s a proud moment for us. Still, we can cross our fingers and wait to see Tesla on Indian roads.