Apple buys startup focused on lenses for AR glasses

Apple Moleu has gained an initial upgrade to focus on making the fact that the lens for the realistic glasses, the company has confirmed Wednesday, the company has a desire to make a signal appliances digitally digital on the real world. Enhance information More
Apple confirmed that he achieved a long march on the basis of Columbia-based Akonia Holographics. Apple said in a statement, “Apple buys small companies from time to time, and we usually do not discuss our goals or plans.”
Akkaya could not reach for a comment immediately. According to his website, the company was established in 2012 by a group of holography scientists and in fact the focus was focused on hologram graphic data storage.
In additional fact, the popular world in Pokemon, digital information is over the real world. Anime phones use their camera system on the phone screen, but large technology companies have to make glasses that show digital information on the transparent lens.
Akoniya said that this display technology allows “thin, transparent glass lenses that show dynamic, full color, images of wide field view.” The firm has more than 200 patents portfolio of Holocaust systems and content.
Akonia raised an estimate of $ 11.6 million in 2012, and was looking for additional funds. It was not clear whether the fund was always material or council investor.
The cost and date of acquisition of acquisition cannot be learned, although an executive in the real industry said that the Akonia team has become “very calm” in the past six months, and it proves that this agreement is in the first half of 2018. Maybe.
Apple has a history of buying small companies whose technology has shown this product only after year. In 2013, Apple named a small Israeli firm press that made a three-dimensional sensor. Starting last year, the iPhone X used the same sensor in the power of identification of power.
Bloomberg reported last year that Apple has created the fact that the fact that the aircraft could ship at the end of 2020. Apple refused to comment on its plans or products.
But the company has begun many real-time applications for its iPhones and iPads last year, and CEO Tim Cook has actually called a “reality and deep” technology development reality in reality.
Cook last year explains a huge fact on a conference call with investors last year, “It’s one of the big things we look forward to and we’ll be surprised at the start.”
Acquisition is the first indicative indication of how Apple can handle one of the most difficult challenges in the growing reality of hardware: bright images for outdoor and efficient use of crystal clear optical display manufacturing mass at relatively low cost ready to fit similarly with an everyday frame.
The current Microsoft Corporation’s Holocaust and Star-ups use the magic lens both in magical reality certificates in the Magic Market and intend to use indoor. Both software develops technology for developers and spend a few thousand dollars.