At What Cost Is It Possible To Avail Liver Transplantation In India?

The liver plays an essential role in the human body and is responsible for detoxification of the several metabolites, synthesizing the viral proteins, and also performs the necessary functions that associate with the digestion. The failure of the liver can hinder the primary purposes of the body, and if it is end-stage liver failure; then the only possible cure is liver transplantation.

The Approximate Cost of Liver Transplantation in India is in the range of dollars 33,000 to 35,000. If you cross-check the price of transplants in countries like the US, it can go as high as 5,75,000. You can calculate the difference in the cost yourself and estimate the amount of savings you make if you plan your treatment in India. Above all, with the decrease in the price of treatment, you are not going to witness any compromise in the quality of transplant. Moreover, the success rate of organ transplantation is higher in India compared to any other country.

Is the Cost of Liver Transplant Fixed or Variable in India?

The cost of liver transplantation can never be the same for all, as there exists a significant difference in the price of treatment. Some of the deciding factors that are responsible for the variation in the liver transplant cost in the country are:

  • Choice of Treatment Centre:

You can always notice a considerable difference in the quotes of a particular treatment from the different hospitals. However, it is not very huge within the same country, but there can be a variation of +_ 5%. It is because of the per day costing of the stay, taxes and other such reasons.

  • Selection of a Surgeon:

Just like every medical professional has a different consultation fee, a surgeon also charges differently for performing a treatment. So, based on the surgeon you select for your surgery, the Average Cost of Liver Transplant may increase or decrease considerably. Still, the overall cost of surgery does not exceed 35,000 dollars in India. In all the aspects the treatment here, allows you to give significant relief to your pocket.

  • Rehabilitation, Diagnosis and Post-Surgical Care:

To undergo any treatment, the patient has to take up with particular medical examinations for precisive analysis of the medical condition of the patient. Each patient has a different cost of diagnosis depending on the number of tests. The same thing applies to post-surgical care. As per the reaction of the patient towards the surgery, the number of days in the rehab center varies, and so does the cost.

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Final Words:

However, the difference in the organ transplant price in India and other countries is so high that if you include the non-medical expenses still, the overall cost is 50 to 60 percent less in India. Above that, the success rate of the surgery is so high that all the patients want to undergo treatment under the best surgeons of India. The work ethics of the surgeons make them put the life and improvement of the patient above everything.