Malaysian Visa and how to obtain it?

The Malaysian tourist visa is required for the Indians and it was introduced in the year of 2015 to make the tourists more fascinated about it. This is the chance to attract Indian tourists to visit Singapore or Thailand. This system was heightened at that moment when the government id Malaysia has announced and offers permission to avail of the Malaysia visa for Indian passport holders.

According to the updated information in 2019, you can get a Malaysian visa from India. It is free is cost and available at various online websites. Not only that, this facility provides the chance to grow 100% cashback on the entire visa fee of Malaysia on this above-mentioned id. This cashback can be used to book hotels, books, and any king of activities within the Malaysian price of cost.

Types of Malaysian Visa

Three types of visa are available here for the Indians as a tourist. This system is available only over the online process. The visa can be applied either by yourself or through the help of the visa expert of Malaysia.

  • eNTRI visa of Malaysia tourist– This kind of visa is applicable for 15 days visit in Malaysia as a tourist.
  • Malaysia tourist eVISA for 30 days- It is also the same type of visa which is mentioned above. Although this kind of specific visa enables you to roam over the place for 30 days with a single-entry fee.
  • 30 days Multiple eVISA for Malaysia tourist- This type of visa is also the same as both the above-mentioned kinds. This specific visa permits tourists to travel for 30 days with multiple entries.

Such specific types of Malaysian Visa, you can visit these interesting places according to your will and with a proper destination plan. With these specific kinds of visa, you are able to choose the accurate type of visiting plan and can roam in Malaysia. In that case, it is needed to say that the most cost-effective and easiest visa of Malaysia is eNTRI visa. It is beneficial enough and helps you to get permitted within two hours. In that is case it must salient that others visa like eVISA takes almost 8 days to work.

Fees and duration

According to the information of 2015, the fee of Malaysian visa was INR 1000 and it has been renounced off for Malaysia, eVISA for 15 days as well as eNTRI visa for the Indians. Although it is to be notified that these Malaysian tourist visas are included with card processing fees, VAT along with GST.

Beware of frauds

In this consequence, you have to alert enough by the fake agents of Malaysian visa and any other scam. There are several websites that would assure you to bring the visa but they are a fraud in real. After getting their full payment in advance, they get disappeared altogether. In this situation, there are two chiefs and recommended websites are available. So, carry out extensive research and make your decision wisely. Fulfill the Malaysia visa requirements for an Indian and explore Malaysia!

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