Crucial Equipment to Buy for Turf Maintenance Expected Golf Course Mower

It is a general perception that only golf course mowers are necessary for the maintenance of turf. Undoubtedly both rotary & reel mowers play a vital role in the maintenance of turf trimming, but they are not enough to handle the massive area occupied by a golf course. This blog will help you in understanding the significance of various other equipment. 
The mower is one of the most common gardening equipment that all of us have seen at home or in public parks. They are capable of trimming grass at the desired height without damaging its roots. Both manual & automatic mowers have a huge demand in different market segments. Therefore, we assume that a mower is enough to handle when it comes to maintaining the entire golf course. For your kind information, it is essential to know that the golf course occupies a massive area including 18 holes where have to maintain the quality of grass separately.
 Trimming is necessary, but there are many other factors affecting golf course quality. For instance, you need adequate irrigation facility capable of reaching every single corner of turf quickly. Turf needs special treatments to thrive nicely on the ground. Also, there are some spots where you need to maintain sand rather than greenery. All of these tasks require a massive investment in some crucial equipment that you are going to understand in the following points. 
Important equipment to consider expected mower for a golf course 
Trap & Bunker rakes 
As we mentioned above, there are some spots between a golf course where you will find sand rather than greenery. These are called bunkers. The bunkers are also considered as traps were hitting a ball is very difficult. Still, it is necessary to maintain adequate consistency. The bunker rake is a small vehicle equipped with a raking extension behind for smoothing the surface without softening the sand. These vehicles have the best in class turning radius for covering the entire bunker sand without wasting time. 
Turf maintenance is the primary task of every golf course captain because grass occupies a significant portion of land. The four primary areas of a golf course are 

  1. Fairway
  2. Rough
  3. Greens 
  4. Hazards

The grass of these areas needs different kinds of mowing equipment to maintain height at a particular level. Your job doesn’t end after mowing because grass also needs favorable conditions to thrive. Due to continuous mowing, the surface becomes hard when oxygen cannot reach. Aeration to roots is necessary occasionally in order to allow new shoots to come out of the ground. This is possible with the help of aeration equipment. Aerators are the spikes attached with the extension of a small vehicle that pokes holes in the ground. These holes allow grass to produce new shoots. After aeration, it is necessary to fill the holes with sand.
Thatch is the layer of dead grass that keeps on thickening after every session of mowing. Small particles of grass settle down on the ground after we use Jacobsen or Toro golf course mowers for trimming. This biological waste can improve the fertility of the soil but also halts the growth of grass if the layer becomes thicker. A dethatcher has raking extension capable of removing the excess of dead grass. 
Sprayer vehicle 
Irrigation of a large area like the golf course is not as easy as we think, especially in the summer season. For covering the entire area quickly, advanced vehicles are available. They have water tankers, sprayers and hoses for covering the entire area of a golf course in the minimum period of time. 
Apart from the above four golf course equipment, you will also need top dressers, spreaders and utility vehicles to take care of the entire turf professionally.