Difference between CBI and India's RAW

Although India had its own intelligence agency in the name of the IB, it suffered a humiliating defeat against China in the Sino-Indian War of 1962. The very poor performance of the armed forces was responsible for the weak appearance of the IB both internally and externally. Intelligence was performing duties that allowed the government to come with an independent external intelligence agency. 
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Thus, RAW was formed in 1968 which has full responsibility for collecting, analyzing and reporting suspicious information about the activities of anti-India activities working abroad. However, of late, due to the rise in terrorism and insurgency, RAW has also been given additional responsibilities to deal with the threat of terrorism and insurgency.
RAW works along the lines of the CIA in the US and has earned a good name for itself due to its ability and efficacy. The head of the organization is called the Secretary (Research) who reports to the Cabinet Secretary who sends the information directly to the Prime Minister.
Difference between CBI and India’s RAW

  • CBI is primarily an investigative agency, while RAW is an external intelligence agency

The CBI deals mainly in cases of fraud and corruption, while working to gather and analyze raw information. Than solving special cases
The CBI has been politicized as it is under the control of the central government, while RAW operates independently and its director reports directly to the Prime Minister.
Central versus local government The system of governance in different countries of the world may vary in different form and content as there are different types of political systems in more efficient administration to all sections of the population. 
To do so that their hopes and aspirations can be fulfilled. Whether it is democracy or dictatorship, it is the endeavor of all governments to reach out to the people to keep their grievances in check. Through a process known as decentralization it is possible that governments help remote areas and their people to operate more effectively. 
Decentralization comes through local administration, which is nothing but empowering the weaker sections of the population and the transfer of powers to aid better administration. There are many people who think of state or provincial governments as local government although this is incorrect. Let us explore the differences between central and local governments in this article.
The best example of local administration is the concept of Panchayati Raj, which was conceived and dreamed by Mahatma Gandhi in India in the modern era. He held the view that India lives in villages, and it is not possible to govern or administer people at the grassroots level by passing laws and making laws without involving people in the decision making process. 
The local government system is in line with the central and state governments and does not oppose these officials. It requires courage and vision to restore power to the people at the lowest level, but ultimately it not only results in better administration, but also instills confidence in the poor and disadvantaged sections of society that they Can also contribute to the development of the country.
The system of local government works brilliantly at the level of the smallest unit of society in the Indian context, this is the village. Panchayati Raj is a three-tier system with Gram Panchayat as the least preferred power, the other two being Zilla Panchayat and finally Zilla Parishad. 
These three units of Panchayati Raj are collectively responsible for the continuous development of villages, blocks and districts, which are small units of the states which have their own governments.A village in this system works as an independent, self-sufficient unit. Which has powers and the ability to take care of its own development needs.
The system of local government cannot function on its own as its rules and regulations have been created by the state and central governments in relation to the continuation and implementation and these governments also need to ensure that the local government in the best possible manner is being used.
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Different countries have different models of local government that act according to the specific circumstances and needs of their people. But everywhere, there are systems of checks and counters to ensure smooth functioning of the system.