Different Types of Roof Designs to Astonish Your House

Renovating or rebuilding your house is an expensive project. Before you could come to this decision, of course, you need to figure out where will your family stay while you work on the house. But you also need to take into consideration the main parts of the house that needs renovation. That is the roof.

Are you going to change the style of the roof? Or a simple standard roof design will work for the new house. 

Did you know there are different styles of roofs? So, you may as well change the look of your new house by trying out a different style of roof.

Let’s go deep into the topic of the different designs of roofs. 

  • Bonnet Roof:

    This kind of roof is a doubled sloped roof with a lower slope at the end and a higher roof on the top. This roof design is ideal for having a porch area. The pros of this kind of roof design are that the water runs off easily. Also,you get a spacious attic. But the only disadvantage here is that it’s a complex structure. The water can easily build up and possibilities of roof damage or leakage may happen, which will need roof restoration down the road.

  • Butterfly Roof:

    This kind of roof is also called the V-shaped roof or the London roof. The shape of the roof is symmetrical and inverted giving the roof to look like the wings of the butterfly. This roof is aesthetic and modern looking. It gives the light to penetrate more. The pros of this kind of roof design are sustainability and the water can be used and captured without any hassle. The con of this design is that it’s expensive. 

  • Curved Roof:

    This roof is similar to the skilli on roof but the slope is curved. The design of the roof is mostly made of steel, also this design gives a rounder look and adds an organic curve to it. The pros of this roof design are that it avoids height restriction, also gives a clean and unique look to the house.

  • Flat Roof:

    As the name suggests it’s a flat roofwith a low-pitched style that can be used for gardening or living area. But before you go for gardening, it’s important to waterproof it. This roof is the most affordable option and it’s faster and easier to make. A flat roof can be used for entertaining guests or adding solar panels, etc. But the disadvantage here is that the roof has a shorter lifespan during the rainy season; there’s nothing to deflect and the roof is attacked directly. So, the roof repair can get expensive too.Even during summer, the roof becomes really hot and doesn’t protect the house from over-heating.

  • Gable Roof:

    It is one of the traditional designs used by the people as their roof design. It is often also called the pitched roof or peaked roof. This kind of roof is great for providing spacious attics, easy ventilation, and a good drainage system. There’s no opportunity for water to stagnate on the roof.

  • Hipped Roof:

    This style or design of the roof is most popular in Australia. Depending on the shape of the house you can have three or four layers of this style of roof. The construction of this kind of roof is not very complex. Further, it is good for resisting the wind and snow. Also, it provides a good attic space. If this roof is not installed or constructed properly, then there’s a possibility to face leakage during rains. Plus, this style is a little in the higher range.

  • Sawtooth Roof:

    This kind of roof was mostly used traditionally in industrial areas or warehouses. It gradually got shifted into house roofs. The roof, as the name suggests, looks like that of the saw blade. The advantage to this kind of roof is that it provides more natural light to enter the house and provides plenty of space for the solar panels. The disadvantage to this kind of roof is the leakage during the rains, which leads to high maintenance. 

Other facts:

These are some different kinds of roofs that can be used in a residential house. Apart from the list above, people are coming up with their own customised style of roof that’s completely new and never seen before. These customised roofs tend to make the house look entirely different and unique. It just makes you stare at your house in awe.

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