Run an Errand Service? Here’s How to Land Clients

Errand running services are rapidly rising in popularity for the convenience they provide and the time they save for individuals across the world. In the fast-paced world we live in and the daily rat-race we are constantly a part of, we can barely give time to things like errands. Minor tasks like walking the dog, picking up the groceries, getting a parcel delivered or picked up, mowing the lawn, sending a courier, going to the bank for menial paperwork, etc. are common on anyone’s errands list.

For many people, running errands are a daily hassle which is how the concept of errand running services came into being. It’s a win-win situation if you come to think of it – you get your errands list sorted and the person running your errands for you earns a few bucks. If you run an errand service, you know how flexible the business can be when it comes to making a quick buck. And if you’re planning to start one as a side business, it is certainly a smart decision and something you can fall back upon in case you need to give up your primary job.

While starting an errand running service is easy, you may find it difficult when you have to land your first client. For this, you will need to first take care of the start-up basics. The following steps will help you ensure that you get a good first client. So, let’s jump right in!

1. Review the Market

Find out who else is offering or running an errand service in your locality and surrounding areas. You will have to find out their details – what services they offer, what they charge for them, and also the distance they cover (whether its within 5 kilometres or 10 kilometres). You can start your research on the internet by searching for ‘errand services near me’. If you’re wondering why you need to do this, we’ll tell you. You need to keep your own prices range in line with the other errand services in your area. This is important if you want to get enough clients to make your business profitable.

2. Buy a Reliable Vehicle

Having a reliable vehicle makes a world of difference in an errand running business. If you have to go far to run an errand for someone, then you’ll need a good, solid vehicle, especially for tasks like grocery shopping or delivering a package, sending a courier, etc. Secondly, it is very rare for an errand running service to receive an order to do a single task. Such businesses get orders in bulk and may have to travel to many places in a single day – something which is only possible with a car or a bike. Without a sturdy vehicle, your services will be slow, which could result in you losing out on clients.

3. Build a Website

Your new venture needs a website. Hire a web designer and a writer who has the savvy to build an SEO copy if you do not have the requisite abilities yourself. If you are going to wait for someone to simply stumble across your new business on a search engine, you might have to wait for an eternity and your business will fail even before it starts. However, you may experience success by pointing a potential customer to your website. You should also set up social media accounts to promote your errand running service.

4. Access the World Wide Web

The internet is a world unto itself and also an excellent resource when it comes to finding your first clients. If you search the internet, you will certainly find a parent or an elderly caregiver looking for an errand running service within your area. That’s why it’s necessary to have your city’s name either in your website’s domain name or on the site’s home page.

5. Provide Special Offers/Discounts

To launch your new errand running service, create a special offer. To draw clients, for example, you could offer the first half-hour of your service free of charge. Even if your first order is just a short job, there’s a huge possibility that you’ll get repeat business from them. If you do a good job, you are also likely to get references.