How can you protect yourself when you’re hiring the tree pruning service?

The subject of discussion today is choosing the right organization and what are the essential steps to avoid all the tree service scams. Recently, it was observed that those who were trying to run the legitimate tree organizations and the industry were all full of the con artists and the tree services that produced undesirable results. As per the new release of the Better Business Bureau, it was observed that the tree industry was one of the sixth most complained industry in the last year. From the mulch delivery to the tree pruning service, everything was complained about. 

Here are some pointers that might help you in the right direction – 

  • Insurance Policies – Make sure that each tree service that you consider has an appropriate liability of workers and the compensated insurance. All the certificates of insurance must be sent from the tree service organization directly to you. Otherwise, it might have a fraudulent certificate. If any organization has an accident and doesn’t have proper insurance, then you’ll be liable for the same as a customer. You’ll have to pay for the repairs to the property or any type of injury. Better Business Bureau Ensure that the organization in question is accredited with the Better Business Bureau. Though the BBB is not as strong as they were before, it’s always good if the organization has the accreditation because it’s always a good indicator for the customers. 
  • Reputation – Gear up for the research to find what type of reputation you would go for. The goodwill with the local community should be taken into consideration. With the right tree service, you must have positive online reviews in various places. You can check out things like, how long it has been for the organization in the business, do they have any type of complaints on the local forums, in the form of reviews or on the discussion groups. You can also ask the organization for the references, in case you need extra assurance. This is especially for expensive projects as a bit of research is always good. 
  • Affordability – This is yet another factor that needs to be kept in mind. If the price is too good, you can bargain but the tree service is definitely going to give you a very low price if they’ve no experience in providing the services or insurance or the certifications. Because then they will only intend to complete the project instead of providing you the quality. 
  • Expensive – Similarly, if you see that the organization is over-priced, you must not go for it. You don’t need to pay extra for the simple services and quality. Do not let the smooth conversation with the salesman convince you to pay $10000 for removing a small pine tree from your front yard. 
  • Multiple Estimates – You might be asking yourself whether the price is too high or low. In that case, you must get estimates from three different types of organizations. From those three estimates, you must shortlist and sense whether the price is normal or not. If possible, you can also meet the representative in person. This will definitely give you a chance to judge the organization’s professionalism and expertise. It will also help you in asking questions and learn about who and what is involved in the company and other things as well. 

Choose Wisely!