Messenger Marketing Experts in 2020: What Will Future Bring

Since the beginning of digital marketing, things have changed significantly. Back in the day, people used email marketing as the most efficient form, while today, numerous platforms are taking advantage and becoming more relevant for reaching people in real-time.
The Messenger created updated to their platform for businesses with an idea to deliver more personalized, relevant and timely messages to people all across the globe. These changes allowed businesses to improve their user experience and to reduce the possibility of abuse and spam.
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In the further text, we will explain the latest changes and what you can expect when it comes to Messenger marketing.

The Latest Changes

You are probably familiar with the 24+1 rule that states that you will not be able to send more messages in the 24-hour window after the last user interaction.
Messenger is updating this particular process and standard messaging window to 24 hours, which means that you will be able to connect with your customers, follow up with them and send rich messages within the 24-hour period.
However, you will not be able to send a follow-up message after the period runs over. At the same time, they are using ManyChat as the first platform that implemented follow-up messaging inside the products.
Remember that follow-ups are highly useful in specific conditions, but the main problem is that most businesses are not using them, which is the main reason for its decline. According to statistics, less than 2% of pages have sent follow-up messages in the last months.
ManyChat is the driving force when it comes to dealing with business messages on this particular platform, which means that Facebook will simplify the policy since the feature was not adopted.
If you wish to find solutions that will help you reach more people and create targeted messages, you will be able to use sponsored messages, which is advancement and change you should know.
Of course, it is a paid solution, but it will allow you to reach end-user and as soon 24-hour rule kicks in, you can send messages freely and without any additional problem.
Finally, you have to understand that the 24-hour rule requires using Smart Delay so that you can wait for less to send a follow-up message.

Subscription Messaging Is Deprecating

The form of subscription messaging gave the possibility to businesses to send messages that were under Personal Tracking, Productivity and News niches. It is a commonly used solution on ManyChat and other platforms in which you can get subscription permissions to use it.
This particular idea provided a perfect experience to numerous small and medium businesses that improved their revenues through it.
However, everything changed at the beginning of August 2019, and currently, if you wish to use subscription messaging for broadcasting, you have to undergo a review as well as permission to do it.
According to further changes that will happen at the beginning of 2020, subscription messaging will be available only for News Pages, which means that it will depreciate as time goes by.

Message Tags

This is another important consideration for businesses because message tags allowed them to reach the customers within the 24-hour window.
Each message tag is specifically designed to support unique cases such as shipping updates, event reminders, account notifications and many more.
The latest update states that Messenger will streamline the number of message tags to four, while in the past you could use seventeen of them. Remember that message tags are vital for handling specific cases such as:

  • Post-Purchase Update – This particular tag is perfect for non-promotional communication that happens right after purchase. We are talking about factors that include shipping and tracking updates, purchase confirmation, as well as other notifications when it comes to delivery. Remember that payment notifications are also part of this particular tag, so one of the most common is payment was declined tag that will help you along the way. Therefore, if you wish to send a promo code, the best way to do it is by using sponsored messages.

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  • Confirmed Event Update – You will be able to use this particular choice when you wish to update customers for a specific event they confirmed before. You can remind them about the appointment as well as get confirmation for the upcoming reservation.
  • Human-Agent – This particular tag includes the ability to make live conversations with your customers. You will be able to send live messages to customers for up to seven days after their last message to you.
  • Account Update – Have in mind that this tag can notify customers about account updates and provide them other reminders such as suspicious activities, that bill is due and that application requires more information than they have to implement.

As you can see these four tags are much wider in definition and most of them include more than ten tags that we currently use, which means that you will have more straightforward possibilities than before.
However, tags that will not become part of the cut were Community Alert, Feature Functionality Update, Game Event, Non-Promotional Subscription, and Pairing Update. Therefore, you will not be able to use them anymore after January 2020.
These changes will have a significant impact on how businesses will use Messenger since most of them have decided to leverage tags such as Community Alert and Business Productivity, which are important for connecting with customers.
Therefore, if you wish to understand the importance of these changes, you should know that Messenger would provide you a solution for live chat, which is part of 1-to-1 triggered messages.
On the other hand, you can use sponsored messages as well, and you will get results similar to Facebook Ads.
According to marketers, sponsored messages will have the highest return-on-investment since no one is still using it. However, once everybody starts to use this particular channel, the prices will get higher, so now is the time to take advantage of this particular feature.