How Does Vaping Help Quit Smoking?

Let’s face it; quitting cigarettes is extremely hard. There are many different approaches that people use to do this. However, people who are long-time smokers always struggle with any method. But until recently, nobody has come up with a more genius idea – quitting smoking by smoking. 
Well, not precisely by smoking, but vaping, which is a similar feeling but with some significant differences. First of all, vaping isn’t as addictive or as harmful as smoking. This opens up new opportunities for quitting. It’s important to mention that vaping isn’t all harmless, as some might say. 
No, your goal shouldn’t be to switch to vaping only but quit altogether. However, even if you do, you are causing yourself far less harm with vaping than with cigarettes. 

  1. It Prevents “Cold Turkey” 

“Cold Turkey” is the term used for that “crisis” when you suddenly quit smoking altogether. Some people can go through it, but some of them go through withdrawal caused by nicotine addiction. On top of that, many people avoid going out where people smoke or drink alcohol. 
With vaping, you don’t have to go through this. You can choose from a variety of vape juices that have different levels of nicotine. Simply put, you don’t have to cancel your habit of smoking or completely remove nicotine from your system. 
Instead, you can gradually reduce nicotine intake by using less potent juices. For example, high-quality vape gear like Innokin coils let you adjust your vaping experience. Also, check out the See the best vape brands of 2020 from and slowly manage your addiction.

1. Vaping Without Nicotine 

All cigarettes have nicotine, some more some less. But with vaping, there are tons of different juice flavours and formulas. There are a lot of vape juices that don’t have any nicotine. For a lot of people, the main issue is actually quitting smoking. 
More specifically, they need to hold something in their hands and inhale. Vaping lets you continue doing this while completely removing nicotine. Once you’re used to not using nicotine, you can focus on getting rid of your smoking habit. 
Simultaneously quitting two addictions can be a lot more complicated than tackling them one by one. 

2. Vaping Lets You Leave Cigarettes Right Away

To put it bluntly, vaping replaces your smoking. This means that long-time smokers can easily transition to vaping. It might take time to get used to using one, but you won’t have the urge to light up a cigarette. 
But why should anyone do this? Should you replace one thing with another? Yes, simply because vapes are far less harmful. Even if you continue vaping, you won’t have as many issues as with cigarettes. With vaping, there is no smoke or combustion that causes a lot of health issues. 
Instead, they heat up the juice and release vapour that doesn’t smell or makes breathing more difficult. You can instantly switch to something less harmful, more flexible, and easier to manage. 

3. Vape is Easier to Quit Than Cigarettes 

Tobacco is highly addictive because of nicotine. When you vape, you can reduce nicotine until you switch entirely to a nicotine-free juice. This means that you’ve successfully tackled one of the greatest addictions. From this point, it will be much easier to quit your vaping habit. 
At the same time, vapes have far less harmful chemicals than cigarettes. All of this makes the whole process a lot easier. It’s only about the “smoking habit,” which is less challenging to overcome than nicotine addiction. 

4. You Can Control The “Throat Hit” 

Another reason why people enjoy cigarettes and smoking overall is the “throat hit” sensation. This is the feeling you get in your throat after inhaling smoke. Vapes also have a throat hit. What’s even better is that you can easily adjust how strong you want it to be. 
Depending on the vape device itself and the juice used, you can create a mild throat hit sensation. Over time, people can use mild juices that will slowly reduce the need for that throat hit. This makes it easier to quit altogether. 
When you don’t need a strong experience that creates different sensations, it won’t matter that much. 

Bottom Line 

In the end, remember that vaping isn’t completely safe. However, it can be a useful tool to help you quit tobacco, which is far more harmful. The whole process is less intense, and you can use vaping to reduce your addictions one at a time. 
In the end, when you actually decide to quit, you won’t have much to cling on. Furthermore, vaping is less harmful than other replacement methods like nicotine patches.