How Long Does HHC Remain in Your Body

HHC refers to Hexahydrocannibinol, one of the products found in hemp plants. It is different from other cannabidiol and THC products; however, you can feel some slight effects, such as euphoria, which is associated with THC. Despite being available in a smaller percentage than other compounds, it can easily show a positive result on certain types of drug tests. Besides the HHC in the hemp plant, you can also get HHC manufactured in laboratories.

Since HHC is relatively new in the market, there is little information. The information about it may not be streamlined hence the need to understand more aspects. One of the questions users desire to answer is how long HHC remains in the body. This article commits to answering this question and providing the additional information you need. 


How do you identify the presence of HHC in the body?

Since it naturally exists in hemp plants, you can consume certain traces unknowingly. It is challenging to flash HHC out of the body using other regular detox products, unlike other products. Whenever you detox, you need to test the presence of HHC to identify whether traces are remaining in the body.

The best way to identify the presence of HHC in the body is to take a drug test. There is limited evidence about HHC in drug tests; however, specific tests can reveal its presence. Various factors will indicate its presence in the body. The factors include the concentration in the body and the type of test you conduct. Whenever you buy hhc pre rolls online the HHC will last longer and can be identified easily in your body system. 

Other tests such as saliva and urine tests may not identify the presence of HHC in the body. This is because it occurs in low concentration; however, you need other advanced test methods to identify it in the body. These tests include blood and hair tests. Blood and hair tests will indicate the presence of toxin in the body even if it occurs in low concentration. You can easily pass a drug test when you take HHC because other marijuana or hemp testing methods do not detect its presence.

How long does HHC last in the body

The duration HHC exists in the body depends on various factors. The first factor is the drug concentration which depends on the amount of HHC you take. The higher the dosage, the higher the concentration in the body. Depending on the dosage, the drug will last in your body between 6 weeks to 90 days. A blood test will show positive for HHC after 90 days of consumption.  

The second factor is the version of HHC you take. There are different versions of HHC available in the market. Every HHC has varying purity and quality levels. These factors affect the duration it will last in the body. If you buy HHC with higher purity and quality levels, you can be sure the drug will last in the body for over two months. It is advisable that you take the purest and highest quality HHC but ensure you maintain a low dosage to avoid failing drug tests.

The other factor is how frequently you use the HHC. Frequent users are likely to have the HHC in their bodies. Hence, you can ensure that drug tests conducted every 1 to 5 days will identify the drug in your system. If you are a light user, the drug can be in your body for three weeks. Heavy users should always expect to test positive for the drug. 

The drug test you take will also determine how long the drug lasts in the body. HHC is likely to last longer in the blood than any other fluid in the body. This explains why a blood test can reveal the presence of HHC even after 90 days.  

It is likely to last for a shorter duration in the urine than other fluids. It can stay in the urine for about two weeks. A urine test will indicate the presence of HHC in your blood for three weeks after you take it. It is also likely to last for a shorter duration in the saliva, and it becomes diluted fast. The concentration in saliva reduces quickly, hence why you will pass the saliva test easily. 

Why does HHC last longer in the body

Research shows that HHC is highly potent, and its potency is equivalent to Delta 8, 9, and 10. These studies indicate that HHC can attach to various receptors in the body and continue dominating the body. However, the effects will decline after being in the body for a while, but specific drug tests will identify the drugs’ presence in the body. 

The other reason it may last longer is the extraction process. The manufacturing process reveals both active and inactive compounds in HHC. When you consume it, the active compounds will attach to various receptors in the body and the brain. However, the passive elements roam freely in the body. They can exist longer hence testing positive in a drug test. The active components are used up fast and eliminated from the body leaving behind the passive elements.


The duration of HHC in your body depends on the potency, quality, dosage, and how frequently you take the drug. Even though most drug tests will not identify the presence of HHC in the body, other tests, such as hair and blood tests, can show a positive result.

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