Humanities for ICSE class 11 students

Students are offered three streams to choose from after the 10th boards. Science, Commerce or Arts/Humanities, whichever they are more inclined to study, they choose that. After the stream is decided upon, you must look upon the subjects it offers you to choose from for your class 11th. If Humanities is your stream, then this article will guide you through ICSE humanities subjects, syllabus, and what resources you can take to study it.

ICSE humanities subjects

ICSE board is said to be a comparatively tougher board than other boards like CBSE and state boards. But it is because of the in-depth teaching and understanding it provides to the students. Students must know that ICSE humanities subjects are in two forms- compulsory and optional.

Main subjects in 11th class humanities include:

History – Study of World and Indian history, industrial revolutions, world wars, etc.
Geography – Study of Physical and human geography, different civilizations, international and domestic trends, etc.
English- All the basic aspects of English with emphasis on reading, listening, and writing skills.
Sociology– Learning about society in general, its culture, status, societal behavior, social organization, and more.
Psychology– The metal behavior of humans is studied under this subject.  How decisions, lifestyle choices, and other things affect the mental health of a human.
Political Science- Understanding and studying the behaviors of polities, activities, and political parties in power.
Apart from these main subjects, students can opt from optional subjects like:

  • Economics
  • Home Science
  • Physical Education
  • Fashion Studies
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Media Studies
  • Mathematics
  • Fine Arts
  • Legal Studies
  • History
  • Hindi

Students can also go for a subject combination as per their choices.

The study material for the Humanities syllabus

  • While the school provides textbooks, it is also necessary to search for Class 11 humanities book lists as references. NCERT books are an ideal choice as they are curated explicitly with the approval of Govt of India. It is also available in the remote areas of India, making it more accessible.
  • Students can also opt for an online medium to search for reference books. Free online videos on a particular subject can also be available from different platforms.
  • Do a search for previous solved years papers, mock tests online for revision after the course is over.

Which book you must refer to and things to keep in mind?

  • While choosing any reference books for humanities, ensure it covers the syllabus with the latest pattern.
  • The solutions, examples, and diagrams in the reference books are easy to understand.
  • Do not take too many reference books for a single subject. This will lead to unnecessary confusion.
  • Ask your teachers, search in the library, or go with online expert reviews regarding the best Class 11 Humanities books and refer to those for better understanding.

Humanities is a wider subject, and thus it provides an array of job opportunities to students. Be it law, fashion or interior designing, politics, journalism, analytics, and more, humanities cover it all. So whatever your future aspirations are accordingly, choose the subject in Class 11.