Why Are Laptop Protection Plans Becoming Popular?

Be it office or abroad, you often carry a laptop to fight the work pressure. If you are a photographer or a blogger, then you know how vital it is for you. Just quick uploading of your latest story or taking a backup of your clicked photos to clear memory cards can boost your prospect. If it is so important, then why don’t you buy a protection plan?
 A protection plan has several benefits. This small investment is often an advantage that saves your hard-earned money. 
 Electronic devices like laptops are costly, especially if they boast all the latest features. If it gets damaged or stolen, you have to pay from your pocket unless you have a solid backup plan like a protection plan. 
 What are the advantages?
 It is always better to buy a protection plan to be on the safe side. Some will find it a burden. To make their point valid and heard, they have several reasons.

  • Sometimes the additional cost becomes a liability
  • Electronic devices lose their value over time. Paying for such a product, they think, is not beneficial
  • They are confident about their ability to take care of the laptop

But accidents do happen. A laptop protection plan can save you from some unplanned expenditures. 
Its advantages are

  • It gives you coverage from accidental impacts. Abrasion or careless handling can damage the laptop and you cannot expect better performance from it
  • In case your laptop gets stolen, you can claim for reimbursement. This will also cover burglary. You need a proper police report to initiate the claim process
  • The protection will cover the accidental spilling of liquid on the laptop. This, sometimes, damages keyboard and other functions
  • You can claim support for accidental damage of the laptop screen 
  • These plans will also cover electrical or mechanical damages 

What to check?
Protection plans differ from each other in their features. Most things are common, but certain advantages have demographic backing. Also, they are cost-effective. Before taking the leap of buying a laptop protection plan or go for some laptop extended warranty plan, check a few things.

  1. Price Pinch

Anything with a tag needs better planning. You have already spent much on your laptop. Now, this is an add-on but a beneficial one. So, you have to make the most of it.  

  • Your laptop will lose its value in just two to three years. So, paying hefty premiums makes no sense
  • You can always change the warranty plan within a stipulated time period. If you find anything better, do not hesitate
  • Look for the points it will cover, additional benefits, and time period
  • Evaluate your business and try to gauge how much it depends on your laptop. Accordingly buy an insurance plan
  1. Problem with Portables

Portable devices are always exposed to multiple threats like abrasions, theft, bad handling, and other problems. 

  • Reading the documents is essential to get a better insight about the terms and conditions
  • Some plans do not cover theft
  • These plans will prevent some bad expenditure
  1. What to Check Before Filing

In case of a claim after theft or burglary, there are steps that as the owner of the laptop you have to follow. 

  • Lodge an FIR with the police and present the paper to your insurance company
  • Attach other necessary documents to prove you are the owner
  • A surveyor will take a look at your problem to decide the gravity of the situation
  • In case of damage, you have to notify the insurance company over their customer support contact number

Some Statistics
There are several points that will tell you why it is crucial to have a warranty or protection plan. Big companies have their own credible plans like Dell laptop warranty

  • Every 53 seconds, a laptop gets stolen. This shows how crucial it is to have a plan
  • 45% of healthcare breaches also happen on stole laptops

It is always better to have a financial backup. This will help you in countering sudden impacts. Before making the final decision, take time to compare features. Also, read about the companies with those offers to understand their credibility. This will make the buy worthwhile.