Make Your ROI Texas-Sized During a Trip to Hurst

Traveling to Hurst, Texas for the first time comes with plenty of perks. You get to experience the excitement of a new city and a nice change of scenery. You get to experience Southern charm and its great cuisine. But traveling to a new place can also hurt your productivity levels when it comes to your work. Planning your next business trip to Hurst?

If you’re someone who travels for business frequently, an extended stay at a luxury hotel sounds attractive. There are a few great hotels near the popular Hurst Convention Center that have swanky features. The Hyatt Place Fort Worth/Hurst is one example that has spacious rooms and accommodations that will make your stay feel like a home away from home. This hotel also offers free internet access and meeting facilities that allow you to feel more productive. Here are some tips for a meaningful business trip like you never had before.

The Hilton Garden Inn Dallas at Hurst Conference Center also located close by and offers complimentary covered parking – something you’ll appreciate if you appreciate getting into a car that doesn’t have a searing hot steering wheel. There’s also free Wi-Fi and a Keurig coffee maker in each room.

Make Use of Downtime

It’s common that you’ll have unexpected downtimes in your trip, whether it’s downtime in between flights or in the Hurst area, take advantage of this time to focus on low-energy tasks rather than scrolling through your social media timeline. You can use this time to catch up on answering e-mails, editing photos, making phone calls, reading a good book, or working on other administrative tasks. These 20 to 30-minute breaks throughout the day can provide you with plenty of downtime.

Keep a Detailed To-Do List

Create a to-do list of the things that you must do before your business trip, and make checking everything off your top priority. This should be a detailed to-do list that includes all of the tasks that need to be done before you touchdown in Hurst. You should create a separate list for everything else that should be done during your trip. Since most to-do lists can be created with a smartphone app, always plan to access it in a place that offers free internet or a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Save Your Work for the Plane

Even if the airline provides Wi-Fi, it’s often slow and difficult to use. This can make it hard to stream music and movies. Instead, put on your best (noise-canceling, hopefully) headphones and focus on your work. Whether it’s composing a few e-mails or creating a presentation, working on the plane allows you to tackle tasks that require your full attention.

Drink Plenty of Water

This sounds like an easy step but it often gets overlooked. You shouldn’t rely on coffee and energy drinks. Take an empty water bottle with you and fill it up after going through the security line. Or, you can purchase bottled water once you’re through security.

Drinking plenty of water during your business trip can help you stay focused and energized. Anxiety, fatigue, fogginess, and irritability are all common signs of dehydration. These are symptoms you’ll want to avoid when networking at a conference or presenting an idea during a business meeting. Include jet lag, and you could be a miserable person by the time you land.

Plug In and Get to Work

Back in the day, it was difficult to find an outlet at airports and public places. Nowadays, all of the major airports have outlets and USB ports just about anywhere you turn. You can even find access to charging stations, which allows you to make good use of your downtime. This is a good time to get some of the tough work done. You should make your downtime beneficial by being well-prepared.