Moving From a Garage to Owning a Big Warehouse

E-commerce is quickly revolutionizing how people are doing business today. An entrepreneur does not need to have a brick and mortar shop to start selling their goods or services. All they need is a website that acts as an outlet, an order processing, and delivery team, and the business is already in operation. However, there are some background operations that still need some action, such as getting supplies and storing them.
One such upcoming entrepreneur, Mark Ben, found a business opportunity when he landed an online wholesale supplier who would deliver goods to his doorstep without a delivery fee. Since he had started an e-commerce business and this supplier was the perfect one, he had no option other than to turn his garage into a storage facility.
The Dream of Owning a Warehouse
Mark Ben wanted to have a warehouse in the future. But for now, he had to use the garage as his store, although it annoyed his neighbors every time the delivery trucks brought the supplies. He knew that it was only a matter of time before they reported him to the police for disturbance or in fear that he was involved in some illegal drug business.
So the main strategy was to hire a reputable storage and warehouse solutions company like to make him a warehouse somewhere convenient for the business. He also adds that it may not be just one, but many since the business will need to perform smoothly.
Getting Inspired
Now that his company has started up, Mark Ben stays inspired by big companies like Amazon that have made it in e-commerce. He understands that they sign big contracts with suppliers, warehousing and logistics companies, among many others. The aim is to support each other with various operations as they expand.
However, there is one thing which is clear with such businesses. Although they are already doing well and operating big ventures, they all started small like him. Even if he is using a garage now and facing the challenge of being reported by neighbors and parking his car outside, he will slowly grow his business into a big company with as many warehouses as needed.
A Warehouse at Last
As we speak, Mark Ben’s business now owns a big warehouse of 150,000 square feet that he built after raising enough money. It is a state of the art facility that is customized for his e-commerce business. Some of the facilities installed include an automated system to process orders and prepare deliveries that are made by his team.
He adds that a successful warehouse should consider the safety and security of the goods to avoid losses. So, experts who installed the facility for him added surveillance cameras, automated doors, fire prevention, and lighting facilities, among others. From where he sits, he feels that his goods are very safe.
Final Word
Mark Ben’s business is an inspiration. Just like he got inspired to start a business, he can now inspire others to become successful like him, moving from a garage to a big dream warehouse.

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