How To Stay Warm On Chilling Cold Winter Nights?

Extra blankets, thicker pajamas, toasty socks, body warmer thermal wear or whatever you can do, it is important to stay warm on chilling cold winter nights. Not getting enough sleep is not good for your physical and mental health. While you want to stay warm, you don’t want to wake up sweating at night. There should be a perfect balance. You can utilize many options to achieve this balance and get quality sleep.
You might have noticed that our bodies appreciate sleeping in a cool environment. Temperature between 60 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit is good for sleeping comfortably and soundly. However, when it is too cold, it causes trouble. In such an environment, instead of transferring the heat away for sleeping, the human body tends to retain the heat. Here is a golden rule for you. Make sure that your room is comfortably cool. However, you in your bed should feel comfortably warm. Changing temperature too much in opposite directions is not good for your health. You should be able to find an optimal sleeping condition. You can use an electric blanket, bed sheet fan and other options available to you. Here are some options for staying warm without overheating.
You can use an electric blanket or a hot water bottle
You can make use of old-fashioned water bottles. You can also use modern electric blankets. Both are perfect for preheating your bed. However, both are not as convenient as other options such as electric bed warmer or a bed sheet fan. Once your bed is warmed up, you need to switch the electric blanket off. Or, you need to set it on the lowest setting. Using an old electric blanket can be risky. You cannot wash or clean your dirty electric blanket. The wired coils inside the blanket can be easily damaged.
You can use extra layers
You can layer comforters or throws to control body temperature. You are not altering the room temperature. You can keep an extra blanket with you. You can add warmth and coziness in this way. However, these extra layers can cause sweating at night.
You can use a bed sheet fan
A fan is supposed to provide relief from scorching summer heat. However, these bed sheet fans are remote controlled climate comfort systems. You can use the same unit during summer and winter. When it’s summer, the unit will pump cold air in your bed sheet. And, when it’s winter, this unit will pump warm air in your bed sheet.