Quick Facts About Quality Movable Walls

The need for flexible wall system has led to the emergence of movable walls these days. These walls are highly suitable for a corporate environment mostly because of their acoustic nature and outstanding performances. They have got some amazing features that can really fulfil your needs of having personalised partitions. These partitions will divide the floor space in quite a safe and convenient manner without bringing any damages to your floor.
Key facts:

  • Structure construction: Internal frame is made of robust aluminium so that it can stay durable for a long time. Since aluminium is less exposed towards moisture, therefore, rusting trouble is also not invited by these frames. Heavy-duty rubber made gaskets are used for sealing the frames acoustically. Mineral wool insulation and rubberised bitumen membranes together contribute greatly towards increased sound insulation.
  • Finishes: High-quality movable walls have got outstanding wood finishes that bring polished appeals. They are found in solid colours. Since so many colour options are available therefore you can easily choose the most eye-catchy and impressive one for satisfying the decor needs of your space. The finishes will stay long for years after years and this is how you can save great costs over maintenance of these durable walls. Real wood veneers have been used for strengthening panel finishing.
  • Bespoke solutions: These walls offer you some of the most beneficial bespoke partition solutions for different spaces. Wall heights can be easily adjusted and on the other hand, roller-stem levels have been locked with an absolutely fall-safe mechanism for ensuring perfect wall alignment. From top till the bottom of every panel pressure sealing is found that ensures amazing acoustic sealing and panel stability. Moreover, bespoke partition solutions also satisfy your need for trendy walls with upgraded features.
  • Fire resistant: These walls are completely fire-resistant in nature and this is why they remain unaffected during any fire incidents. They do not allow the fire to spread as a result of which devastating impacts of fire can be reduced or minimised to a great extent.

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These walls are being featured with some top-class features for which they are in higher demands these days and those features are a top-hung system, bottom seals and retractable tops, exposed or concealed edge-profiles and many more. These panels have got standard sizes and thus you will find no trouble in making them installed at your office. The walls can be installed with ease. They usually come with warranties and their quality is also guaranteed.
Movable walls are of great varieties along with innumerable panel choices. Therefore, you should look into the provider’s gallery minutely for finding out the panels with suitable height and panel-size. Varied positions have been utilised for panel stacking. These panels are also getting available at quite an affordable rate these days.