Top 6 Questions to Ask a Painter Before Hiring for Roof Painting

The way a house looks from the outside is equally important as it looks from the inside. The exterior of a house is the first thing that the people are going to notice when they see your house. Getting the exterior of your house painted well gives a beautiful look to your house. Along with the walls the roof is also an important part of the house that has to be painted in a proper manner. The color of the roof will also affect the temperature of the house., During summers the roof is responsible for giving you shed and protect you in the rainy season as well. But during these seasons the roof faces all kind of environmental factors that might damage the roof. The roof painting has to be done effectively to protect the roof from these extreme environmental factors and keep the temperature inside the house low.

So, before you hire a painter for roof painting to ask him these questions so that you are secured from your side: 

Do They Have Insurance?

This is the first and the most important thing that you need to ask the contractor. Having insurance will be beneficial in many ways. If the painter is hurt or any unwanted accident takes place with the painter while working on your property then you will be held responsible for the loss and the medical charges. But if the painter has insurance this won’t be the case. The company will pay for the loss. 

Can You Take Reviews From His Past Clients?

When you are considering roof painting you will be investing a lot of money in it. Hence you need to be sure of the work of the painter you are hiring. To know more about the painter you should always have a conversation with his past clients. This is the best way to know about how the painter works, the end results and whether his clients were satisfied with his work or not. You may ask the painter to give you contact details of his past clients so that you can talk to them and know about the painter’s work. 

How will the House be Prepped Before Painting?

When you want to paint the exterior of the house there are certain prerequisites that have to be followed. If the things placed in the exterior of your house need to be covered so that they don’t get affected during the roof painting process. So, talk to the contractor and put everything in writing. In this way, you and the painter will be prepared. 

The Payment is to be Done Before or After Work?

When it comes to the money matters it is always better if you know everything beforehand. There must be a clear understanding between you and the contractor you appointed for roof painting. You may pay a partial amount before the project is started. It is always better if you don’t pay the full amount in advance. There are chances that they may not give you quality work. However, you must see the current situation and then work accordingly. 

When will He Complete The Work Every Day?

There has to be a fixed time during the day regarding the start and the end of the work done by the painters. They cannot just start and stop working as and when they want to. There has to be uniformity. You need to be aware of the timings. This will help you in managing the other work as well. Thus always ask the contractor and fix a timing that you and the contractor are comfortable with. 

Is The House Safe with his Painters Working?

The safety of your family members is very important. Sometime it might happen that you are not present at your house while the painters are busy with roof painting. So, always make sure that the painters are good people and work with ethics and morals. They should only be concerned with their work and nothing else. There is a risk of burglary or murder or anything as such. You have to be cautious.

These are the questions that you should ask the painter before starting work.