The Benefits of Shopping In Stores vs. Shopping Online

There is no doubt shopping online is easier and more accessible than taking a trip to the mall. At first, it was mainly a luxury for those with easy access to a computer or laptop, but as technology has evolved into a commonplace household item, and the demand for convenience has grown, online shopping has become the norm – and can even be done from your phone.
Despite the easy access across platforms, studies show shoppers spend more money when in stores compared to online.
Why is that?
Many people prefer to physically see or touch items before buying them, especially when they are large or expensive items, like furniture. This ability often helps consumers to feel more comfortable, and more willing to spend.
According to some surveys, 86% of people prefer to buy food in-stores, so they can find exactly what they are looking for, and accurately judge the quality and freshness of the products. Similarly, approximately 60% of shoppers prefer to buy clothes in-stores, allowing them to try items on before buying.
The main reason consumer report choosing a physical store over an online experience is the ability to see, touch, try-on, and purchase goods immediately. However, everyone’s needs are different, and a notable difference can be seen depending on age, gender, and location. For example, female shoppers tend to prefer a traditional brick-and-mortar store more than their male counterparts.
Community Experience
In recent years, malls have transformed from simply a place to shop, into hubs for socialization and activities. Grossmont Center in San Diego is known for the friendly and pleasant environment, and their dedication to bring the community together with events, concerts, and more.
Instant Gratification
Today, Amazon has improved a lot in terms of variety, shipment, returns and quality of the product. However, it cannot satisfy the customers with other facilities such as “I want this product right now” or “I want to join the event at some particular shopping center.”
On a similar note, sometimes shoppers are looking for specific products, like satin robes or specialty vitamins, that are easier to purchase online.
Customers still seek to have some fun by visiting shopping centers no matter they are in the city or on vacation. One of the other reasons for customers visiting stores is the freedom to ask questions and communicate with shop associates.
Shopping Centers Still Stands Out In Rural Areas
If we talk about location types, say urban, suburban and rural, people in rural areas are more likely to go to shopping centers as compared with metropolitan and suburbs. The reason behind is that the under-developed and undeveloped management and delivery options in rural areas are less likely to come to play.
70.3% of rural shoppers like to travel a particular distance to shop at shopping centers as they can go through and try out products. They often consider going to physical-store shopping as a one-time investment or an event so that they can be assured of the items.
Shopping centers are becoming better every year by adopting every latest advanced technology. Women and men attract more towards the visibility and touch ability of the products either it is fashion or home décor. On the other hand, kids have the instant demand for items at the moment.
Whether it is about services, sales, promotions, deals or returns, they make sure to fulfill every need and customer satisfaction.
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