Should Landlords Require Renters to Have Specific Insurance for Their Pets?

Most tenants who have had the pleasure of owning a pet know that it is no mere walk in the park. They know that the joy and comfort they provide roughly equal the worry, stress, and tears they bring. We have already explored the therapeutic benefits of hemp extract for dogs. But sometimes the trouble with our pets extends from their well-being to damage and injury to property. From torn couches to pee-stained carpets to chewed-up shoes to an ankle-bitten postman, our pets can and do cause their fair share of heart-ache. But what can you do? The absolute joy and pleasure of their company make them more than worth the trouble. Of course, hemp extract for dogs will go a long way in maintaining a calm disposition for your pets, further reducing any aggression. However, with renters pet insurance, you are largely insulated from any financial loss resulting from your pet’s misadventures. So, the answer to this question is yes. Landlords should indeed require tenants to have specific insurance for their pets.

What is Renters’ Insurance?

Renters insurance is a form of insurance that covers any liability that is caused by any damage or injury caused by your pet. Should your dog inadvertently cause a fire or flood your rented property, you might be pleasantly surprised to find out that your insurer covers any medical and legal liabilities. A good number of insurance companies will issue policies to guard against any injury caused by your pet to others. However, there are exceptions; any damage to the renter and members of his household is not covered.
While you are free to choose the extent and terms of your renters’ insurance, it is instructive to note that most insurance companies only cover damage of up to $100,000. Besides, insurers are reluctant to insure certain breeds of dogs like pit-bulls. If your pet has a history of aggressive behavior, you may find it hard to have him insured. The hemp extracts for dogs are a natural way to reduce anxiety and aggression in your pet. Incidentally, this may, in turn, protect you from any legal liability arising from any aggressive attack from your pet.

What are the Benefits of Renters Insurance?

Renters insurance affords you some relative peace of mind. It ensures that the relationship with your tenants remains sunny and that any pet-related damages do not severely dent their wallet and, consequently, your business relationship with them. With renters pet insurance, tenants are adequately financially covered from any loss or injury occasioned by their pets. It might set you back between $15 and $30 monthly, depending on the extent on your insurance cover. Several companies, like Geico and Nationwide, offer renters insurance.
The most straightforward way of ensuring that you are covered from any liability arising from your pet is through a good renter’s insurance policy. Many unforeseen situations may occur that may severely damage your financial standing. Should your tenant’s pet accidentally flip over a grill and burn down a portion of your property, you are adequately covered. Similarly, should your pet make its way into another tenant’s apartments near Reno and tear down his expensive curtains, then that tenant is covered under the renter’s insurance cover. Therefore, the benefits of renters insurance cannot be gainsaid. It fosters good neighborliness, creating an excellent social environment for you and your pet. When all is said and done, our furry friends are as essential to us as our family members, and as such, they deserve all love and consideration. Renters insurance does go a long way in achieving this.