What Numerology Result Shows about You?

For all those who practice the ancient art of numerology, the answer is positive. Numerology is the art of interpreting figures relating to the date of birth, the name and surname of the individual usually from 1 to 9, although sometimes numbers 11 and 22 also enter the system. Each number has a certain meaning. Numerology Secrets define a lot about you and your persona. This is how the personality of William Shakespeare corresponds to the number 5, the number of versatility and richness of spirit. This correspondence is established by a very simple identification of the letters of the alphabet to numbers according to the “Hebrew system”, as the numerologists say.

  • If, after adding the numbers corresponding to your name, you arrive at it, you are probably a dominant person, you have a soul of leader. The “1” are pioneers, inventors, creators. But more often than not, when they put their plans into action they have little interest in the people affected by their actions or who could suffer. They tend to dominate everyone they meet; they rarely have intimate friends and are often lonely people despite their sociable appearance.
  • According to modern numerology, the “2” are passive and receptive people. They are quiet, gentle, kind, orderly, conscientious and have little ambition. However, they come to an end with gentle persuasion rather than force. They are hesitant and create problems by postponing decisions for no reason, which leads them into difficult situations.
  • The “3” is one of the most extroverted numbers corresponding to intelligent, creative and spiritual personalities. The “3’s” usually make friends with ease and succeed in everything they do. They are proud, ambitious and enjoy the fun, but their great weakness is in their inability to take anything – ideas or people – seriously for a very long time.
  • The “4”, like the “2”, is the number of very down to earth people who can be trusted. They lack the volatility of “1” or “3”, but they compensate for this by their impartiality and meticulousness. They may be subject to sudden and irrational rages or depressions that seem quite extraordinary in people who are usually models of calm. Numerologists consider “4” as the traditional number of bad luck. The “4s” usually have to pay a lot of money to achieve some success in their lives.
  • The “5” belongs to bright, intelligent, fast and impatient people. They live on nerves, love dating and are always on the lookout for new experiences. They often have an attractive physique, but lack energy and hate being subjected to a task. Five is the number that represents sex (as well as for those whose added numbers are 5). The people of this number have varied and agitated but often problematic love affairs. Sometimes their sexuality takes on excessive importance and even turns to perversion.
  • The personalities of the “6” are among the happiest of all the numerological system. They are quiet, well-rounded people who love their homes. They are affectionate, loyal, sincere and conscientious. They are rather creative minds; many succeed in artistic subjects. The bad side of their character is that they tend to be picky, even sufficient and self-satisfied.
  • The “7” is the number of the solitary, the introspective scholar, the philosopher, the mystic or the occultist. These people stand on the margins of society and simply observe the flow of everyday life. They are worthy, reserved and can dominate. The wealth of the world does not interest them. Although they seem distant, they are friends you can count on. Despite their powerful intellect, they often find it difficult to translate their thoughts into words and may even refuse the discussion if they feel that their ideas can be challenged.
  • The “8” represents success. The people in this number are often good businessmen, politicians or lawyers. They built their success on a lot of work rather than on their human qualities. They sometimes seem hard, egocentric and bitter to gain. But they can hide behind this unattractive exterior a whimsical side that inspires the affection of those around them.

The “9” signifies a total intellectual and spiritual fulfillment. The “9’s” are idealists, romantics, visionaries – poets, missionaries, doctors, scrupulous teachers and brilliant scientists. Their main qualities are disinterestedness, a great discipline towards themselves and towards the goal they aim for. 

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