Why You Should Not Sleep In Your Waist Trainer

People read a lot before making a purchase online. Learning about a product before ordering helps in making an informed decision. However, reading about a product online can also lead to confusion. People with different beliefs write different things about a particular product. You can find both myths and facts on the web. 
The same goes for a waist trainer for women. You can read many articles claiming a full body waist trainer to be safe and encourage its use. Other articles warn against the use of a waist trainer for women claiming that it can shift some of the internal organs. Are waist trainers really unsafe? 
Most of these articles recommend getting advice from doctors. You should see a doctor as women with certain conditions should avoid wearing waist trainers. 
If you are not suffering from any serious health issues then you can buy a waist trainer for women online. However, you have to take some accurate measurements to get the right size. The waist trainer should not be too big or too small. 
Once you have picked the right size, there are few more questions to answer. You might have also come across some articles suggesting to wear waist trainers for 8 hours. Some even claim that you can wear the trainer while sleeping. They claim that this can help in maximizing the benefits of wearing one. 
However, the medical community does not suggest wearing trainers while sleeping. Here is why you should not wear a waist trainer while sleeping:

  • It can hinder proper digestion and have an impact on acid reflux
  • It can reduce lung capacity and your body may not get adequate oxygen
  • It can cause physical discomfort which can interrupt sleep

However, this does not mean that you should completely avoid wearing waist trainers. You can achieve the desired hourglass shape with waist trainers without causing any harm to your body. Just choose the right size and wear it for the right period of time.
A modern full body waist trainer is completely different from a Victorian-era corset. You can wear a waist trainer around your midsection and create an hourglass figure illusion.
Following are the three types of waist trainer:

  • Everyday trainers
  • Workout trainers
  • Steel bond trainers

Everyday Trainers :-

You can wear these trainers in your clothing. An everyday trainer provides compression with a latex core. The trainer consists of a hook and eye closures. 

Workout Trainers :-

Sturdier than everyday trainers, workout trainers also have a latex core. There are some designs that you can wear outside clothing.

Steel-Boned Trainers :-

It is the traditional design with flexible steel boning. A steel-boned trainer has laces in the back. It is claimed that these waist trainers can help with weight loss or change the shape of your waist.

Are these claims true?

Those who wear waist trainers of the right size report the following benefits:

Hourglass Figure :-

When you put on and tighten a waist trainer, you get a more attractive figure. Your waist looks impressively slim. You get curvy hips and accentuated bust. Wearing a waist trainer for long periods trains your body to maintain that shape. However, it is also true that you do not get long-term, permanent shaping benefits.

Better Posture :-

A waist trainer helps you in maintaining the right posture. However, you have to choose the right size for this. Wearing it too much may weaken the core muscle in some cases. This can lead to back discomfort and poor posture. So, choose the right size and wear for the recommended period only.

Decreased Appetite :-

A waist trainer puts pressure on your stomach. As a result, you feel full faster.

Weight Loss :-

According to regular wearers, waist trainers also help in weight loss.
It is not advised to sleep in your waist trainer for women as this can lead to poor sleep. Sleeping in a waist trainer can also cause:

  • Physical discomfort
  • Acid reflux
  • Oxygen deprivation